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About Coach Vetter

Coach Vetter is one of the top coaches in the history of high school basketball, with over 800 wins to his name. He is the architect of 4 nationally ranked programs: Flint Hill, Harker Prep, St John’s Prospect Hall and Montrose Christian. His program has produced over 100 Division I players, Eight NBA players and he was twice named National Coach of the Year by USA Today (’85-’86 w/ Flint Hill & ’97-’98 w/ St. Johns Prospect Hall). In addition to all the great players and performances, Coach Vetter has established himself as a developer of character and excellence.  Learn more:

Coaching Record ▼

Montrose Christian - Rockville, MD 1999-00 - 2012-13 321 47 87.2%
St. John's Prospect Hall - Frederick, MD 1992-93 - 1997-98 136 10 93.2%
Harker Prep - Potomac, MD 1990-91 - 1991-92 44 3 93.6%
Flint Hill - Fairfax, VA 1975-76 - 1989-90 377 53 87.7%
  TOTAL 878 113 88.6%

National Championships ▼

1985-86 Flint Hill 23-0 USA Today National Champions
1997-98 St. John's Prospect Hall 23-0 USA Today National Champions
2010-11 Montrose Christian 25-1 ESPN Rise National Champions

Coach of the Year Awards ▼

USA Today H.S. Coach of the Year
1986-87 Flint Hill
1997-98 St. John's Prospect Hall

Coach Vetter's Coaching Tree ▼

David Adkins U Maryland - Assistant (women's) x  
Jason Capel Appalachian State - Head x  
Tony Bethel Mount St. Mary's - Assistant x  
Tony Christie Coconut Creek H.S. (FL) - Head x  
Larry Cullinane Notre Dame Academy (VA) - Head   x
Ryan Devlin Southern Idaho Jr. College - Assistant x  
Bobby Dobson Washington&Lee H.S. (VA) - Head x  
Cameron Dollar U Seattle - Head x  
Erick Graves Montrose Christian - Assistant   x
Drew Hall Montrose Christian - Assistant   x
Jason Harris H.S. - Assistant x  
Rico Hines St. John's (NY) - Assistant x  
Leslie Hughes H.S. - Assistant x  
Josh Hutchinson U South Dakota - Assistant (women's) x  
Tacuma Ito Japanese Professional Team - Assistant x  
Nate James Duke - Assistant x  
Damien Jenifer Montrose Christian - Assistant   x
Kevin King H.S. - Head   x
Nathan Lewis Northwestern H.S. (MD) - Head   x
Josh Merkel Salisbury State - Head x  
Dan Prete St. James School - Head x  
Matt Johnson GWU, Strength Dept. - Head x  
Sidney Shelton Montrose Christian - Assistant   x
Don Shopland St. James School - Assistant x  
John Sickles Montverde (FL) H.S. - Assistant   x
Alan Stein Montrose Christian - Assistant   x
Kevin Sutton GWU - Assistant x  
Billy Vernon Montrose Christian – Assistant x  
Mark Vincent Montrose Christian – Assistant   x
Levi Watkins U Buffalo - Assistant x  


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"Coach Vetter and his staff do an outstanding job teaching student-athletes the value of discipline, hard work, commitment and loyalty. "Coach Vetter and his staff do an outstanding job teaching student-athletes the value of discipline, hard work, commitment and loyalty."

- Coach Rick Barnes
- University of TX

"In Vetter's program, kids are prepared for college as well as any other program in the country. They learn responsibility, discipline; and they identify with team goals. And the discipline is not just on the court but off it as well. His kids are not just good players, but gentlemen."

- Coach Mike Krzyzewski
- Duke University & US Olympic Coach

"I loved to play top teams. One of the reasons I came to Montrose is because I know Coach Vetter likes to play great teams every year."

- Kevin Durant
- Oklahoma Thunder

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